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Frozen Lychees

After waiting for almost 20 years (ya, I was too exaggerating), I could try to eat this fruit. Hahaha. Yeay, Lychees!
Several days ago my mother bought one kg of lychees cost 20 thousand rupiahs. I was excited at that time hehe.
I had tried lychee candies, lychee syrup, and kind of drink taste lychees but I didn’t tried to eat the true lychees. And come that day…
Finally, I could taste the true lychees. And I’m beginning to love it.
My brother and I started to try different way in consuming fresh lychess. We put them in the freezer…what a great idea, huh?
We were waiting for almost a night until we got the perfect frozen lychees. My brother even tried to drop those frozen lychees and what an amazing thing….what a great thing…that was very wonderful (too hyperbolic Ndah!) hehe…those frozen lychess were like big marbels. We could hear a sound “Ctak…ctak…” when we dropped those frozen lychees to the floor hohoho. Wait, I’ll explain how could we eat them…
We should use a knife to cut a frozen lychee and tarrraaa…a frozen lychee can be eaten righfully.
Taste the sensation hyahaha…


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  1. Hweh, bahasanya keren euy…
    Em, diterima gak nya, bisa dibaca di blogku Ndah, hehehe… :p

    Comment by Wida | July 8, 2009 | Reply

    • huehehe__aq msh blm bs nulis bnyk (kLo pake b.ing kelamaan mikirnya)
      Weikz, sukses euy Lulus niy___^^.

      Comment by Enn | July 8, 2009 | Reply

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