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Today is…

Wew, hari ini tanggal 8 Juli 2009…


Yeay, today is nyontreng day. Liburan gini biasanya aku bangun tidur seenakku sendiri hehe. Tapi hari ini jadi bangun “agak-sedikit” pagian coz ya udah ditungguin Ibu buat nyontreng bareng. Jam 9an aku, Ibu, sama dua ibu2 tetangga berangkat ke TPS. Hmm..beda banget sama penyontrengan sebelumnya. Kali ini nggak perlu pake antri2an segala coz baru dateng langsung nyontreng deh dan selesaaaai.

Hopefully, the next president can lead Indonesia to reach the better future. Amin…

Instead of today is “nyontreng” day, this day is my mom’s birthday. I didn’t know what should I do to greet her in this special day. My family are not used to celebrate a birthday and of course we never make such kind of birthday party. It looks like nothing special in every birthday. Well, I still try to give something for her. A simple present for her and I hope she can receive it happily.
“I’m sorry Mom, I can’t give more than I am supposed to give to you. I can’t give you more than what you have given to me. I love you Mom…” I just wanna give a meaning in this day^^.


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