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Borobudur Heritage Camp, Here I Go!!!

Ehm, akhirnya tadi dapet juga travel buat ke Semarang besok. Insyaallah besok aku berangkat dari rumah jam 8 malem.
I should be ready to join the next work camp, Heritage Camp! Yay!
Nah, masalahnya sekarang tuh tentang kedatanganku di Semarang-nya entar. Dunk-dunk-dunk!
Berangkat dari Malang sekitar jam 8 malem nah kemungkinan bakal nyampe Semarang pas Subuh. Huwaaa…Subuh-subuh gitu apa kantor IIWCnya udah buka? Trus aku musti ke mana niy? Masa’ mau nunggu terbengong-bengong sampe kantornya dibuka. Huwaduh, piye iki?

Well, mau nggak mau besok ya musti berangkat. Jam delapan malem (moga2 bisa agak telatan tuh travelnya hihihi…jadi pas nyampe Semarang-nya udah agak terang gitu). Bismillah…

Ya Allah bimbing aku selalu di jalan-Mu!
Semoga apa yang akan aku lakukan bisa bermanfaat dan Engkau senantiasa meridloi-nya….
Eniwei, bakal vacuum bentar niy nggak ngeblog at least for the next two weeks. I hope there will be more stories to be written on this blog…

I am planning to join Borobudur Heritage Camp IIWC Indonesia for two weeks (14 July-27 July 2009). There will be some volunteers who participate on this work camp. Foreigner participants and of course Indonesian participants. Actually, I wanna prepare everything properly but I haven’t packed anything until now hehe. For the accomodation, yeah as I said above I will take travel (and still don’t know what will I take for going home later). And for the budget hmmm…I provide enough money for my living cost there, I’m trying to think more economically. I use my scholarship to pay the accomodation T_T Ow, at least I will pay the unforgetable experience then 🙂

Perasaanku lagi campur aduk haha! Antara seneng tapi juga agak deg-degan coz ni baru pertama kalinya join work camp (eh sama foreigners juga) selama 2 minggu. Dua minggu nggak di rumah bakal kangen nih sama adekku haha. Cos biasanya tiap hari kerjaannya saling “bunuh” hehe…ada aja yang bisa diributin. But, well…I must look for something outside my comfortable zone.



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