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A Green Schooling Approach: Saving Trees to Save Our Planet

Nowadays, most people feel that our earth is getting warmer. Since people consider that this problem is caused by global warming, they find many ways to overcome this predicament. Every person needs to be more responsible with this global issue and they should make one-stepping stone to conquer climate change effects. I think all people in the world should take an action by saving trees through a green schooling approach.

People should believe that by a green schooling approach it will have a major influence on how to save our world. As we know a school represents such kind a complex and miscellaneous society. Meanwhile, students who are being the centre of alterations and activities can develop their responsiveness of global issue in the learning process. In the green schooling which is meant to put students at the centre of all environmental activities and develop schools into a learning space where values of life are taught there will be a way to triumph over a global issue, climate change. The main aim of green schooling is to commence a process that will make students environmentally responsible. Therefore, government needs also to support in building more green schools so that society will have more responsible green generations in the future.

One thing that students can do through a green schooling approach is by saving trees. Nowadays, the reason why our earth is getting warmer is because our earth has to much carbon dioxide in the air. Pollution, forest fires, ice melting, factories, and other people’s irresponsible actions cause the lessen of oxygen in the air. Saving trees is one aim to be done in green schools as a stepping-stone to create environmental awareness for the students themselves. From the very beginning students who will bring the earth’s future should be taught how to save trees which can save this world from destruction. By saving trees the students can give their contribution to increase the number of oxygen in the air. It looks like easy to be done but it will need others’ seriousness earnestly.

Some people may not agree that planting trees can save our earth. I think to save our earth means we are not only planting trees but also taking care of them thorougly. Based on environmental awareness in a green schooling approach, students can be taught on how to grow trees in order to save our earth from the climate change effects. In a green school there should be an open space to plant tree seeds so that students can plant their own trees there. One student must grow at least one tree seed in a particular space. He needs to be responsible with his tree seeds until his tree seeds are ready enough to be grown in city parks, reforestation areas, or tropical rain forests. As an illustration, one tree can absorb one kilogram of CO2 and produce 0.73 kilogram of O2. In the interm of saving trees, planting trees can prevent the earth from extreme conditions such as drought and big flood. After planting trees the students must take care of the trees they have grown. Then, students should learn how to grow their trees healthy. One way to grow healthy trees is through making biopores. Biopores are tunnels bored into the soil that enable organisms to become more active and plants to take root more easily. They can learn how to make biopores with the aim of improving the fertility of the soil to grow vigorous trees. Biopores can be made by putting organic waste into soil by digging a vertical cylindrical hole into the soil that is 10 cm in diameter and about 80-100 cm deep. The holes will invite insects and worms to degrade the organic waste. Also, it will allow more rainwater to be absorbed by trees rightfully.

In conclusion, we are not supposed to wait until a new planet is found. We can save our earth from now before we decide to migrate to another planet. Saving trees should be done from now and can be started from school surroundings. Earth is getting to die and it needs more new green generations to save it.


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