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A Rainbow to See with You Someday

You know I got a ride from someone

But, the thing I want you to know first is I just remember you along the way

I couldn’t say a thing

Just remember when you were asking many things to me at that time

More than you know, I wish he was you, not him

Name me selfish

It won’t bother me

I kept silent when I saw the skies and be surrounded by beautiful trees

I stop thinking upon my life


I continue remembering your name

I mention your name, just didn’t count how many times I recall your face, your smile

If you are destinied to be my side, I will ask you to that place

When you can see the light

When all you can feel is your own breathe

Nothing can erase your smile

You may find a rainbow beneath your legs

You should catch more than one rainbow

You should be splashed by the water falling

It is such one of the heavens exist in this earth

If you are with me, I make sure you can see what I’ve seen…

Such a beauty of nature.




Knowing you are there

Calm down me

Having you are in front of the square, in another square, warm my heart

That can be your too perfect for me

Well, I cannot guess what His planning is for me

I’m preparing to be ready for any possibilities

Just let me know,

What kind of final decision will be given to me.


December 27, 2010 - Posted by | My Beloved people

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