:: The Anonymity ::

Fictional Stuff of My Non-fictional Life

Mr. G

I give you a name, Mr. G

Does it sound suit to you?

Well, maybe you will get angry because I give a “special” name

You can ignore it

But, I will keep that name to my own

I know for sure you feel annoyed when somebody calls you with not your real name

Name me a fool

But don’t hate my feeling

It just happened without commanding

Let me burst this feeling into these words

I cannot forget you

The more I try to erase you from my mind

The more I suffer for being your admirer

I’m only praying I won’t be crazy in this situation

I cannot sell my words onto you

So, Mr. G, you will be my actor in these stories

Just, be ready…


December 27, 2010 - Posted by | My Beloved people

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