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Fictional Stuff of My Non-fictional Life

7 Hours

This morning I went for a walk alone.
I “visited” ATM to get some money (I rah out of money this month), then I posted my scholarship application (really hope to be selected and go to interview section).
Knowing I didn’t have any important things to do, I went to downtown.
Whups, windows shopping that was ended by buying some stuff and three books (ok, I got really crazy when I was in a book store). Fiuh, I’m broke again!

Before I came home, I dropped to Jami’ Mosque and took Dzuhur & Asar praying…
Hmmm…around seven hours I turned on my senses by looking at people. It was very interesting in guessing what each person was doing in a crowd.
A couple of lovers were holding hand each other.
A kid with his mom were buying a new school bag.
An old man was finding something in a trash.
A wife and a husband were debating about their handphone (also with their little daughter who was very noisy).
Some beggars were waiting for some coins.
“Becak” drivers were offering people to escort them in a raiiny day.
Children who were reading books in a book store (they were quite noisy by reading aloud).
Women were busy in choosing the perfect clothes.

Many people with their business…
And I just looked at them, discovered myself by making them as my mirror…

Well, what did I do?


December 29, 2010 - Posted by | Be a Learner

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