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Dear My Future

Dear My Future,

Hi, this is still me, but in present
I believe you are still fine and great in this future.
Have you achieved your dreams?
I can convince you have.

“It’s not easy to be me.”

Let me predict that you have been through many steps and all processes that make you more mature. Don’t forget to say alhamdulillah no matter what have happened in your life. Keep your head down to HIM. Nothing to worship except Allah.

Did you still remember?
Once you said to yourself that believing on our own dreams is not that easy. You tried to force yourself to build your braveness and believe on what you want to achieve. You always remind yourself to not be selfish because Allah doesn’t like the way you think that you are the best one upon all the world creatures.
Yes, you, then, believe anything can happen because nothing is impossible in Allah’s eyes.

I am still in the present. I hope your are now still remember the mistakes I did in this time. Therefore, now you are the expert one in taking good sides for every single thing happening in your life.

Look at you now!
You are smiling…
I love the way you can smile happily.
Allah must be loving you very much.

You’ve already made your parents happy…
But, you realize even you can buy the whole world, you will never be able to repay what your parents have given to you.

…My future, this is me in the present.
I hope you are feeling well in the future.
Don’t forget that Allah is always watching over us in every single heartbeat we (still) have now.

P.S : There is no single random thing happens in this life, Allah has always have many plans for us… Just believe that!


For me in the present: Bismillah…you just need to do the things as best as you can and let the decision to Allah… Now, you hold two possibilitie: succeed or fail! But you have to believe either one of them will be the best because Allah always fullfil what you need…


Ya ‘aliim…give me that chance to step these feet to a land of knowledge…!


February 2, 2011 - Posted by | I just run!!!, My Dreamz, My Future

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