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Fictional Stuff of My Non-fictional Life

Nothing to Lose

Yes, I am nervous…

But, I also feel excited.

Tomorrow…yes tomorrow…

Only this one step that can make me crazy all the times.

Yes, once I succeed in this step…

My dream will truly come true, insyaallah!


Aaargh! I do not know what to do…

They say I should be relax, calm, focus, concise, and honest with full of passion.

But, sometimes it is still hard for me to speak that fluent.

Ya Rabb, please make me speak fluently and clearly for tomorrow…



Ok, let’s make a prediction.

I will pass that step successfully…

My friend also passed it.

We go together to the land of dreams.

I will put my forehead on the ground, say a million of thanks to Allah The Mighty.

Then, I step my feet on it and say, “Lailaha ilallah…”

I feel the weather, I breathe the air… “Subhanallah!”

And I will up date my status, “There is nothing impossible in Allah’s hands. We just need to believe in His Arithmetic!”


Ow, how beautiful that imagination is…

Alright, now it’s the time for me to…

face it, fight it, bismillah…


February 5, 2011 - Posted by | I just run!!!, My Dreamz, My Future

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